Many have now fallen in love with South Africa’s friendly people, diverse wildlife, nature, weather and food. Here are some comments from our guests and be sure to add yours when you have travelled with us!

It is always a pleasure to receive feedback from guests who have travelled with SoutAfrica-Experience. Please use the button below to send us your feedback accompanied with 3 images of your choice.

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Feedback from Margit and Alfred


visited South Africa on our guided tour South Africa – Experience the South

Dear SouthAfrica-Experience Team,

My wife and I did the 14-day guided lodge tour from 25 February to 10 March. We would like to thank you for this great trip, which was organised superbly, we enjoyed every day of our itinerary.

Margit & Alfred at Cape of good hope


Feedback from Verena & Michael


visited South Africa on an individual self-drive tour

Thank you to SouthAfrica-Experience, who contributed to our unforgettable honeymoon.

Three weeks in the south of South Africa lie behind us and we can’t stop raving anymore: diverse experiences in nature, wildlife close up, lovely people, excellent food and unique accommodations.


Feedback from Christina Feldges


visited South Africa on our guided Jewels of the North & East lodge safari

A truly fantastic journey through South Africa’s North and East! Thank you so much for this eventful and perfectly organised tour.


Feedback from Wolfgang Bernhardt & Rike Herrmann


visited South Africa on our guided Jewels of the North & East lodge safari

We returned home with several thousand pictures. Besides the landscapes and wildlife, we also miss the “warmth” a little bit. The unusual allocation of non-driving Guide Roy and Driver-Guide Khulani was ideal.


Feedback from Ranghild and Ralf


visited South Africa on our guided Fascinating South Africa lodge safari

It’s been a few weeks since we returned from our trip to South Africa, but each day is still present in our thoughts and conversations. Everything worked out wonderfully. Our Guide Rowan was a prefect expert of country and wildlife and our translator Phillip was just as endearing. We can only sing the highest praises of the diverse landscapes.


Feedback from Herbert Hollmann


visited South Africa on our guided Fascinating South Africa lodge safari

We are now back in Germany. The overall organisation including our return journey worked out perfectly.

We would like to thank SouthAfrica-Experience for this wonderful trip!

Even for a three-week long trip, our itineraries were quite busy and one would have liked to stay another hour or two at some of the accommodations.


Feedback from Melanie


visited South Africa on an individual self-drive tour

We did a self-drive tour in South Africa in October 2016 and everything was planned superbly.

You were so incredibly patient and attended to all our special requests (we changed the route several times). The recommended accommodations were great without exception: great location, very clean, unique, great hosts. We felt right at home.


Feedback from Breidenbach Family


visited South Africaon a South Africa Highlights self-drive tour

We were privileged to experience a self-drive tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town in November 2016.

Great wildlife sightings, fantastic impressions.