If you are planning a trip to South Africa, you will sooner or later come across the Drakensberg Mountains. What you will probably remember after doing your research: they border Lesotho, are known for their incredible natural beauty and an absolute dream destination for hikers. Fair enough. And of course not only hikers, but everyone who loves to get active and marvel at ancient rock paintings. Right again.

So it’s no wonder that there is no shortage of lodges, hotels and guesthouses in the region. The question of where to stay in the Drakensberg Mountains can be a tricky one. We share our favourite five accommodations with you.


Karkloof Safari Spa

If you want to spoil yourself on your trip around South Africa’s North-East, Karkloof Safari Spa is your place to be.

Photo: Karkloof Safari Spa

Its location in a small valley alone is simply beautiful. During the short drive from the gate to the main lodge building, our safari guide shared exciting stories about the wildlife in the private reserve. As if on cue, a white rhino and its young were lounging on the grass just 50 metres away from us. Even if there are no predators in the reserve, you should not miss out on a game drive. Being so close to nature and staying at an upmarket accommodation at the same time make Karkloof Safari Spa a unique spot to stay at in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Photo: Karkloof Safari Spa

It’s not too big and not too small and all rooms have a great view across the valley. Of course you can expect all goodies and comforts of a 5-star-lodge, no need to list them again – it’s wonderful. I’d recommend it for honeymooners and those who want to add a highlight along the way on their trip through South Africa.


Antbear Lodge

Antbear Lodge is special and in the positive sense of the word.

What makes this lodge unique is the building material used for the main building and all cottages. I had no idea what is possible when building with wood. Windows, doors, chandeliers, toilets, beds, tables – everything, and I repeat everything, is made of wood. And by the hand of the Antbear Lodge’s owner, who bought this nice place in the Drakensberg Mountains years ago.

On top of the eco-approach and nature-feel atmosphere, they have a fantastic kitchen which is well known amongst our guests.


Three Tree Hill Lodge

On my tour from Durban to Johannesburg, Three Tree Hill was one of my favourite places to stay in the Drakensberg Mountains. Mind you though, it’s not necessarily for everyone. Their focus is on the area’s history and you will see and feel how the Battle of Spion Kop and British colonial times influence the lodge’s ambience.

Photo: Three Tree Hill Lodge

The owners have created a unique feel at the lodge. Every detail, every piece of furniture will make you feel as if you are part of a time gone-by. Even if the past is not a pretty one, it is still part of South Africa and I think you should encounter it in one way or another.

Photo: Three Tree Hill Lodge

On top of the many hiking trails and the excellent food, I really enjoyed that all guests had dinner together at a long table (no worries, you don’t have to if you don’t want to). This way, we got talking with a friendly British couple which was the perfect end to a wonderful day.


Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge

If you visit the Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge you won’t stay on the side-lines, you will be staying right there in the middle of the Drakensberg Mountains

You won’t even be able to access it with your salon rental car. The lodge’s manager will fetch you down in the valley with their 4×4 transfer vehicle. After about one hour’s drive you will arrive at a place that will leave you struggling for words to describe it. If you love nature and going for hikes, you won’t want to ever leave again. If you want to simply leave the rest of the world behind, you will find no better place in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Photo: Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge

Even if the accommodations are a bit more simple, it just adds to the atmosphere, where nature takes centre stage. Truly beautiful.


Montusi Mountain Lodge

Montusi Lodge is situated right in the Royal Natal National Park and is the perfect spot to embark on activities around the region.

Photo: Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge

Mountain biking, hiking, or rock climbing – there is an activity centre in close proximity to the lodge which is fantastic for families with children and teenagers.

Photo: Greenfire Drakensberg Lodge

The rooms are spacious and the view upon the mighty Drakensberg Mountains is just magnificent.

Many of our guests who plan their self-drive itinerary with us visit this truly beautiful corner of the world. Get in touch and we will plan your trip to South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains.